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American PayPal likely to settle in Chongqing

25 Nov

Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission released that PayPal from America, the famous operator of the payment instrument for online transaction, was preparing for establishing a subsidiary in Chongqing. Once it was successful, commercial tenants all over the world could do settlement in Chongqing for purchasing online products made in China.
If PayPal settles in Chongqing, this subsidiary will be its first wholly-owned one in China, which may be in Yuzhong District with the registered capital of about 100 million yuan. What is more, it can bring more than 100 strategic partners and then they together will form an industrial cluster of International Electronic Commerce for Chongqing, which may attract more international electronic enterprises to settle in Chongqing. Source CFTERC


The Yangtze River talks with the Mississippi

25 Nov

The Yangtze River of China – the Mississippi of the US Strategic Cooperation Forum was opened in Chongqing. A total of 300 scholars, experts and senior executives from China and America were attracted to the forum to discuss about the topics such as economic growth in river basin areas.
The Forum will set up 3 special forum groups including inland river shipping & comprehensive transportation and comprehensive utilization of water resources & tourist industry along the river. Moreover,experts and delegates from China and the US will talk about 7 topics such as inland river shipping, comprehensive transportation and modern logistics development and linkage between shipping center and financial center in inland areas.

Chongqing: farmers receive body-building equipment

22 Nov

Qianjiang District has rebuilt farmers’ houses into modern Tujia dwellings with Bayu characteristics. In addition, it also sets body-building equipment at the collecting places of villagers (residents) to push the construction of “Sport Body-building Program for Farmers”, becoming a view of healthy Qianjiang. Source CFTECR

Chongqing: SMEs in 2-wing Area attract 900 mln yuan

15 Oct

The campaign of Chongqing SMEs in Financing Service in Two-wing Area attracted 914.3 million yuan of loan fund for 24 private enterprises in Chongqing. By now, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Two-wing Area have attracted a total of 3.4 billion yuan in 2010. Besides the opening of the¬†website for SMEs Financing in Chongqing, the Supermarket for SMEs Financing in Chongqing, which integrates some capable and credible banks, bonding companies, small-loan companies, etc., has also been established to provide credit products for the enterprises, according to the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. source cqreview

10 Chongqing enterprises listed as China’s Top 500 Enterprises

15 Oct

China Enterprise Confederation announced the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China recently, on which 10 enterprises from Chongqing are included. With the same amount of qualified enterprises, Chongqing becomes the municipality (autonomous region or province) that enjoys the most listed enterprises in west China, together with Sichuan Province. SINOPEC tops the list by 1391.95196 billion yuan operating income. Among the 10 Chongqing enterprises, 8 are SOEs. Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank ranks for the first time. The other 2 private ones are from the auto and motorcycle industry. source cqreview

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