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Chongqing Jiangbei Airport enters global “Top 100”

29 Aug

The passenger throughput of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport stood at only 440,000 passengers in 1990, around 32 times less than that in 2010. The growth rate of passenger throughput in Jiangbei International Airport stood at 23% in the recent 5 years, becoming the highest one in the whole country. This airport has 77 domestic flight destinations.

In total of 8 flight destinations have been added in 2009 such as Huangshan, Beihai, Tengchong, and etc. The direct flights to Europen countries will be restored in 2010.

Rapid development of Chongqing’s electronic information industry will stimulate that of Chongqing’s airline industry. In order to meet the demand, the 3rd phase of expansion project of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is under construction. 


L’aereoporto di Chongqing si rifà il look

21 Aug

Chongqing, Cina. Nuovo look per l’aereporto internazionale di Jiangbei che presto avrà un terzo terminal,  le cui dimensioni supereranno il primo e il secondo messi insieme, secondo quanto riportato dalla Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd, società che si sta occupando dei lavori.

La ristrutturazione si rende necessaria calcolando che ogni anno si assiste ad un incremento di passeggeri pari al 14%.  L’aereporto internazionale di Jiangbei, secondo i cinesi, diverrà uno dei 100 più importanti del mondo.

Ad ogni modo il terminal numero 2, che avrà una superficie di  800,000 metri quadrati, sarà realizzato in due fasi. I primi 400,000 metri quadrati saranno inaugurati entro il 2015, quando si prevede un flusso annuo  di circa 30 milioni di passeggeri. Entro il 2020 verrà l’opera ultimata.

Chongqing & Yunnan plan to establish Beijing-Chongqing-Kunming Railway

21 Aug

Chongqing Development and Reform Commission issued “Chongqing Economic Cooperation and Development 2010 Report”, this year for ratification, “Demonstration industries to relocate along the Yangtze River in Chongqing area planning”, take on more of the coastal industrial transfer, the actual domestic capital breakthroughs 180 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that this year will focus on promoting Development and Reform Commission, “Beijing Chongqing Kunming Railway” preliminary work, is expected to start next year, completed only 9 hours from Chongqing to Beijing to Kunming only 3 hours, Chongqing and Yunnan and Guangxi to facilitate the three together, to create for ASEAN logistics and transport systems.

Al via i lavori per la nuova tratta ferroviaria Chongqing-Chengdu

12 Aug

Quest’anno inizieranno i lavori per la costruzione della linea ferroviaria veloce che collegherà  Chongqing con Chengdu, ovvero le due Municipalità più importanti della cina sud-occidentale. Sono stati stanziati fondi per 39,89 miliardi di rmb (5,85 miliardi di dollari) e si prevede che per percorrere la tratta (con 10 stazioni) si impiegheranno 56 minuti circa contro le 2 ore attuali. Secondo stime ufficiali l’opera verrà completata entro il 2015.

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Chongqing-Hunan Expressway to be opened before october

8 Aug
Chongqing-Hunan Expressway, the first energy-saving and environment-friendly expressway in Chongqing has gotten into final construction and is expected to be opened for vehicles in October, said Chongqing Expressway.
The adopted solar energy traffic signs can save 300,000 yuan power cost for the expressway.
Besides the emergency parking way, 17 parking ports are built within Youyang-Hong’an Section.
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