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Chongqing: financing supermarket of SMEs opening

13 Dec

Chongqing financing supermarket of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) officially opened on Nov. 18, 2010, gathering over 90 organizations of investment and financing like banks, small-loan companies and guarantee companies. The applicant for a loan could handle the application quickly through telephone, at site or on website and the whole financing service is free of agency fee.
The supermarket is divided into many functional zones like financing service product checking zone, negotiation and docking zone, etc. Now more than 10 banks have settled in the supermarket, such as Bank of Chongqing, CHINA CITIC BANK. The applicant could directly communicate and handle the loan with the banks settling in the supermarket. The founder of the first business should submit the registration certification from the industrial and commercial department, operation site certification and a detailed plan.

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