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Chongqing enterprise plans 60 million yuan for overseas goldmine investment

31 Aug

Western China International Holdings is the first listed company in Australia of Chongqing city. The company’s main business is cement. In 2010 this company will focused on mining. This year the company plans to invest 10 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 60 million yuan), conducted in Queensland, Australia gold for pre-development, and to take new shares so issued to resolve sources of funding


Head hunting, la Cina in cerca di manager stranieri

30 Aug

La State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) è a caccia di manager stranieri. E’ iniziata oggi la ricerca e la selezione di circa 20 responsabili internazionali che verranno assunti da altrettante aziende statali cinesi. La SASAC, attraverso il suo sito web, ha pubblicato una serie di annunci che porteranno ad individuare le figure idonee che andranno ad ampliare l’organico di alcune società di proprietà del governo cinese come China Unicom, China Travel Service, la State Nuclear Power Technology Corpo, la Dongfeng Motor Corp e China State Construction Eng Corp..

Il progetto “1000 talenti” lanciato dalla SASAC nel 2003 ha consentito a circa 111 manager stranieri di lavorare presso strutture locali, ma secondo indiscrezioni solo il 30% ha poi deciso di non interrompere il contratto di lavoro. Infatti una delle problematiche più frequenti è quello di farsi accettare dagli impiegati cinesi.

“Chongqing Blue Book” published Urban per capita disposable income of 21,639 yuan

29 Aug

” Chongqing Blue Book • 2010 China Chongqing Development Report” released offically. This “Chongqing Blue Book” consists of special sets, the five Chongqing, economy, society, urban and rural development and regional development recalling the achievements in 2009, and predicting Chongqing economic and social development trend in 2010.

In the book, Chongqing Social Sciences Academy, the Urban Development Research Center predicted that by 2010, Chongqing GDP growth would reach 15.9%, per capita disposable income of urban residents would reach 21,639 yuan, and farmers’ per capita net income would reach 5347 yuan.

Chongqing Jiangbei Airport enters global “Top 100”

29 Aug

The passenger throughput of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport stood at only 440,000 passengers in 1990, around 32 times less than that in 2010. The growth rate of passenger throughput in Jiangbei International Airport stood at 23% in the recent 5 years, becoming the highest one in the whole country. This airport has 77 domestic flight destinations.

In total of 8 flight destinations have been added in 2009 such as Huangshan, Beihai, Tengchong, and etc. The direct flights to Europen countries will be restored in 2010.

Rapid development of Chongqing’s electronic information industry will stimulate that of Chongqing’s airline industry. In order to meet the demand, the 3rd phase of expansion project of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is under construction. 

China, largest vessel made in Chongqing to go into service

29 Aug


A delivery ceremony was held in Shanghai Municipality yesterday for the special vessel “Chongqing” with largest load in southwest China, constructed by Chongqing Chuandong Shipyard. It will register in Hong Kong and go into service.

The vessel is the largest one in the construction history of Chuandong Shipyard, also in Chongqing Municipality. Valuing 24.0568 million US dollars, the vessel with the length overall of 115.7 meters, molded breadth of 18.6 meters, and molded depth of 10 meters are built of solid stainless steel Duplex 2205, which is considered as the most difficult construction in the domestic shipbuilding industry.

It is reported that data of the vessel have reached the design standards and passed the examinations of China Classification Society (CCS).

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